The design idea behind ARCHE was to create a futuristic luminaire
that combines some rounded lines with a rectangular body form.
ARCHE has a pure and solid stance besides its extraordinary
shape. Disappearing surface lines of the product refer to recent
achtitectural trends, in a way.

ARCHE’s modern and rectangular product body appears in highly
efficient and functional spotlight as well as an adjustable recessed
luminaire. Thanks to two sets of exclusive quartet lens that are
placed on top of double pieces of quartet & highly efficient LED
chips, the ARCHE emits a very clean and controlled light.
Thanks to special cooling channels inside the body, the product is
driven up to as high as 25W to reach an impressive efficiency level.
Apart from standard black and white colors, combination of black/
white and black/red color schemes ensure that ARCHE could offer
various color alternatives and hence it’s suitable to use in different

The spotlight, that its integrated track adaptor allows for a cleaner
appearance in terms of aesthetics of the ceilings, has also specially
designed U-shaped joint. That stylish joint, not only underlines
the solid stance of the product but also confirms the effect of the
impressive main body.

An extraordinary light out of an extraordinary form: ARCHE

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Products Available

Part Number



Archie 25w Black Spotlight 840


Archie 25w Black Spotlight DALI 840


Archie 25w White Spotlight 840


Archie 25w White Spotlight DALI 840


Archie 25w Silver Spotlight 840


Archie 25w Silver Spotlight DALI 840