The design base of LUMY consists of an elegant and
harmonious form. In addition to its functionality, LUMY adds
a visual sense to the places it is used, thanks to its integrative
and balanced structure. The aesthetic form of the product
is emphasized by the compact and minimalist design of the
spotlight body.
A++ energy efficient LUMY is able to reach high illumination
levels even in small sizes, based on special cooler channels
designed integrally in the body.
Alongside the perfect harmony of high-power LED light
sources and high-efficiency anodized metal reflectors or
lenses, the product is very successful in terms of thermal
management with the heat sink integrated into the body of
the spotlight. Its track adaptor adds value to the product,
which follows the functionality of the form, as well.
Recently developed version of LUMY, featuring exclusively
designed lenses, provides a perfect control over the light.
Enjoy being different in lighting, with LUMY.
Application Areas: LUMY can be used in places which are
in need of highlighted & general lighting such as trading
areas, shops, markets, showcases. Thanks to its track system
application, can also be used in places which are in need of
high intensive, concentrated and smooth lighting such as
kitchen, library and changing rooms.

Functional, integrative formed, compact and
minimalist design

• Class A++ energy efficient & L80 50.000
hours life time SDCM 3 LED 12 – 18 – 25 – 30W
• LED lumen output between 1.700 – 3.900lm
• Special designed anodized metal reflector
with 15° – 36° – 48° beam angles
• 19° – 65° beam angle with lens
• CCT light color temperature: 3000K – 4000K
• Adjustability up to 90° in vertical axis
• DALI dimm option, suitable for automation

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Products Available




Lumy 12w 15 deg spot white 840


Lumy 12w 36 deg spot white 840


Lumy 12w 36 deg spot white 840


Lumy 12w 19 deg spot white 840


Lumy 12w 65 deg spot white 840