Track lighting system of Sirius is a comprehensive system which allows unlimited application for various
places from factories to museums, from stores to offices, where luminaries are used.
Sirius track socket has a feature which allows operation compatible with almost all of the three-phase
track lighting systems in the market. Another advantage of three-phase track systems is that they allow
balanced distribution of load.
Sirius control tracks with diming feature and accessories allow usage of light control systems such as
DALI, DMX, 1-10V, etc.
Sirius track lighting system eliminates the difficulty in determining the electricity outlets. Along with
its simple surface mounting to ceilings and walls, the system is also designed with the aim of allowing
recessed mounting for false ceilings.
One of the most prominent features of Sirius track lighting system is that it allows the current lighting to
be adjusted in accordance with your needs and to be changed in the way you want. This system offers
flexible options for lighting options. By using the track lighting system, you change the position of the
luminaries according to your decoration and layout plan.

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